Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fancy that

a tiny whisper warning
too late, my vision is blurred
freeing stray spider webbing from my eyelashes
not much to look at anyway

waking up late set her stride in chaotic motion. running out the door a cool breeze brushed her face, a gray mist hung in the air. passing by the leafy foliage an unexpected interlude transpired. open eyes met silky thread. temporary blackness ensued.

so sorry little spider

Sunday, April 5, 2009

she had the sincerest of intentions

while swallowing the banality of yesterday I choked.
bohemian ghost (girlfriend, you're a fraud). drape yourself in chiffon and velvet.

search all day for a shining effervescence to wash over the cement tomb you sleep so soundly in.
jazz it up with ribbon and sparkles, hurry before the gypsies figure out that you're really a philistine.

avant-garde ghost (baby, don't do kitsch)
exhaust yourself into an authentic state of blissfulness.
no matter, never mind.
ghostly good time, by morning you'll remember you were never even alive.

too bad, so sad.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


A woman walks into a room.
She says, “I don’t remember where I came from.”

A man looks up at her for a moment.
He thinks, “If she were more beautiful, I would help her.”
He looks down.

She knows she is alone.


hey, hey
bout time I woke you up

kick that sad face to the curb sister. we don't need that around here anymore
just love that simple surrounding
because it feels so good

chirp, chirp little bird cause its a new day
oh yeah, cause it feels so good
so fine
great, good, goodnight